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I am based in Huntsville, Alabama; however, a lot of my work is and can be remote!

I consider myself to be a computer generalist, so I can help you or your business with any of the following:

  • Building custom software solutions in:
    • Rust
    • Golang
    • Python
    • Any other modern programming language!
  • Creating DevOps solutions like:
    • Replicable development environments and infrastructure
    • CI/CD for GitLab, Gitea, or GitHub
  • Setting up automations with:
    • Ansible
    • Scripting of any kind
  • Strengthening your Cybersecurity posture through:
    • Application pentesting
    • “Set it and forget it” secure business and home networks
    • Single or multi-site VPN setups
    • Vulnerability research and analysis
    • Proposing and implementing vulnerability patches
  • Other computer/network-related projects

If that sounds like what you need, let's talk about it: [email protected]!